Manufacturing. Then & Now.

Manufacturing today is much different from what is top of mind assembly-line work, dark gritty factories and low paying jobs. Modern manufacturing is a sophisticated professional workplace that incorporates automation, 3-D printing, screen technology, and robotics. Today’s facilities are safe, well-lit, ventilated, and high tech. It’s now a dynamic field full of opportunity and innovation that promises a career path and job security. Today’s manufacturing careers are sophisticated for both your sons and daughters and depending on your child’s interest, there are opportunities in the industry from marketing and logistics to advanced technical, production professionals, supervisors, and management.

With the average age of a manufacturing worker at 57 years of age, the workforce in our manufacturing sector will be retiring in droves over the next 10 years, but the statistics show there’s not a ready and willing workforce being trained to replace them.

Did You Know?

Manufacturing is big business in Minnesota, representing 1 in 7 jobs and producing the largest payroll! Bob Kill, President and CEO of Enterprise Minnesota said “Manufacturers offer high-wage, high skill jobs that create economic opportunity and stability for the present and the future.”

Manufacturing as a Career

Over the last decade, new hires in manufacturing earned an average of 38 percent more than new hires in non-manufacturing industries. According to the U.S Commerce Department data, over a career a manufacturing worker earns 17 percent more in wages and benefits than his or her counterpart in other sectors.

In today’s economy, education is the passport to success – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-year degree. Consider this:
• Half of all U.S. jobs today can be defined as “middle skill,” requiring a two-year associate degree or some post-high school technical training.
• Over the next five years, one of every two new jobs will be middle skill jobs.

Together these trends indicate a major opportunity for the next generation of workers who pick this exciting field!


Affordable Career Pathway

There are many skilled jobs that require a very short-term industry recognized technical certificate that will add value to your child’s resume and be a first step to a career ladder

Start planning now to help your child find success in manufacturing
• attend a tour with your child during Minnesota Manufacturers week in October.
• view our advanced manufacturing videos to understand modern manufacturing.
• join a robotics team
• attend Stem events locally and throughout the state
• Play our Build it better game app for middle school kids!
• encourage your student to enroll in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
• search for manufacturing jobs in your area and check out what they have to offer you!
• visit and read about Minnesota fast facts, and to learn more about manufacturing careers in Minnesota!
• stay connected to Dream It. Do It. MN, we will help your child pinpoint an in-demand career that’s right for them!
• See school programs on our site.

What should I have my children taught to encourage and to prepare them for a career in Manufacturing:
• Computer skills
• Basic Employable skills
• Technical skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Process Improvement
• internship/apprenticeships Supervisor and Management Skills
• Enroll in shop, or anything related to STEM classes
• Research technical college programs related to manufacturing

click here to see Minnesota colleges offering education in manufacturing!

What Manufacturing Means to America