Tools for Educators

Want to get your students plugged-in to an industry where they can find great, high-paying careers they can be proud of?

Here are a few simple ways to get involved:

  1. Download the Teacher Guide to help integrate manufacturing into your classroom curriculum, however the downloadable version is limiting due to the corresponding DVD with videos and PowerPoints only available by direct mail.
  2. Use the Manufacturing Career Tool to help students explore what it is like to work in modern manufacturing careers through “A Day In the Life” videos and a career quiz.
  3.  Bring your students to a calendar event. Career fairs, tours, robotics competitions and more. They can learn first-hand how people make things.
  4. Show them this site,! It is a great way to communicate the value of manufacturing and see all the amazing opportunities they can find right here in Minnesota.
  5. Partner with a local manufacturer through the Adopt-A-School Guide.
  6. Get a local manufacturer or Dream It. Do It. partner to come and talk to your class.
  7. Volunteer with a regional steering committee to help shape the course of Dream It. Do It. MN.

If you think your students will benefit from knowing more about manufacturing, fill out the quick form below and we will help you get started!

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