There’s a manufacturing career waiting for you.

The days of a dirty environment and harsh working conditions are gone. Today’s manufacturing is about advanced technologies, state of the art facilities, and fast-paced work environments.


Best career decision I ever made

Did you know?

Manufacturing jobs are plentiful and offer competitive wages and benefits:

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Clean, high-tech work environments
  • Job security
  • Great pay and benefits
  • Ready employment
  • Fulfilling work
  • Eager employers willing to pay for qualified talent


Average manufacturing salaries are 21% higher than all other industries in Minnesota.

317,200 jobs

Right now, manufacturing directly employs 317,200 people in Minnesota.

Fortune 500

Nearly half of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies operate in manufacturing. There are 7: 3M, General Mills, Land O’ Lakes, Ecolab, Hormel Foods, Mosaic, and St. Jude Medical.

$20.1 billion

Manufacturing has the second-largest total payroll of any private-sector industry in Minnesota at $20.1 billion annually.

17.5 million jobs

Manufacturing supports 17.5 million U.S. jobs and the highest salaries of any industry in America.

$2.8 trillion

Manufacturing contributes 2.8 trillion to the U.S. economy.

Sources: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development and The Manufacturing Institute

In-demand fields

A career choice in the in-demand manufacturing fields of machining, welding, and mechatronics will position you for a rewarding, well-paid, long-lasting career filled with benefits.


  • The average salary for a machinist in Minnesota is $49,950. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.)
  • The job openings in precision machining are abundant regardless of the state of the economy.
  • Skilled machinist positions tend to be available in almost every market.
  • Precision machining provides challenging, satisfying, technical work.


  • Companies are seeking out trained welders.
  • The average salary of a welder in Minnesota is $39,970. Salaries start from $26,970 and go up to $55,510. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.)
  • Having a welding certificate opens doors to many opportunities in manufacturing.


  • Mechatronics is one of the 10 emerging technologies slated to transform the world.
  • The average salary of a mechatronics technician in Minnesota is $60,095. (Source: Economic Research Institute.)
  • The U.S. Department of Labor lists mechatronics as an emerging “green jobs” growth area.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the job outlook for mechatronics is bright through 2020.

Ready to get started?

Find a program near you or visit the Minnesota Advanced Manufacturing Partnership to learn more about educational pathways, training programs, and opportunities at 12 Minnesota colleges in the areas of welding, machining, and mechatronics.

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Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Century College

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Minnesota Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (MNCEME)

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